Problems With Pilonidal Cysts.

by Ashley

My boyfriend and I have both and still continue to have problems with pilonidal cysts.

First time around for both us we went to see a doctor and we had the cyst lanced (cut and popped like a zit). That helped they went away for a while.

I then had surgery and they removed it.

His will act up off and on and now just recently I've been feeling kinda tender.

Tea tree oil and heat has helped us so much!!! Just dab some on a cotton ball or gauze then heat up your rice bag and let it do it's magic. We leave the 2 on for an hour or so depending on the severity.

Doing that a couple times over a few days and its gone.

We've also had luck with using a combination of caster oil, tea tree oil, and heat. That can bring the cyst to a head. Hope this is helpful.

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