My Use For Tea Tree Oil
for Pets and People

by Stephanie Hundemer
(Virginia Beach,VA)


I always used tea tree oil as a skin healing and in a organic mixture for insect repellent.

Take a 4 to 8 oz spray bottle. Use enough My Buddy Organic Dip to make water look white. Add between 8 to 12 drops of Tea Tree Oil,Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and any other essential oil you want. Keep in mind Pennyroyal oil can cause abortions.

Use this mixture on your pets, kids,yourselves.It works better than any repellent! Make sure you keep the spray bottle well shaken.

I get the My Buddy Organic Dip at the local Feed & Seed.

My Buddy Organic Dip contains D-Limonene, Aloe Vera,& Emulsifer. You are not to use the organic dip on cats or kittens. So, don't just use the oils by themselves for them, or any pet that is very old, under 6 weeks,or nursing.

My Buddy Organic Dip smells GREAT too!

I also add tea tree oil to my regular organic shampoo. And I use tea tree soap.

You can use the oil mixture with or without the dip to make your house smell good.

If you have very young kittens or pups or an old doggy(or an ill pet)Just put the oils&water mixture a little around the ears, around the neck,a line from the shoulders to the tail.Around the tail,& a little around the butt, a little on the legs & belly. You could prob. use a very small amount of organic dip(3-4 DROPS)If need be.

I hope this is of some help.

I am severely chemically sensitive.So why go there, right?

Best Wishes,


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