Missy's Burn Story

by MissyB
(Lafayette, Oregon, USA)

Tea Tree Oil is the best burn remedy EVER!! A hippie friend of mine told me of the great things tea tree oil can do. I thought she was crazy until I used one of her solutions one day after severely burning myself placing a homemade apple pie in the oven.

Immediately after receiving the burn I placed straight tea tree oil on the burn and surrounding tissue. To my dismay, and un-painful surprise, the burn stopped burning. The burn which could have easily swelled, and became a huge blister, only became red and the skin dried out. The sting of the burn was alleviated immediately.

I have since used tea tree oil on every kind of burn I have had, or my family has had, from cooking burns, oil burns, even sun burns. I now swear by this stuff, and ALWAYS have a bottle in the house, sometimes a few bottles.

Since my wonderful 3 year old son is so "adventurous" tea tree oil has saved him a few times from having nasty, scarring burns, such as the time he touched the front of the oven after several times of being told "no", I finally let him touch it. His entire palm was beet red, and he was screaming like a banshee.

I rushed him to the bathroom, immediately put tea tree oil on it. It stops the burn, the sting and almost all but reverses the effects of the burn.

Now, please remember tea tree oil will not fix every burn, if the skin is broken, and looks to be a later stage 2nd, or 3rd degree burn PLEASE seek professional medical attention. But, for those common, household burns, it is great for making them not so bad.

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Aug 31, 2009
I agree Missy
by: Deb Tollefson

I love your story Missy and I agree, tea tree oil is awesome for cuts, burns, shampooing your dog, cleaning your countertops, and just plain useful.
I use it to make some homemade bar soaps too.

I hope people can see your story and start using tea tree oil too cause it is just plain healthy.

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