lice killer!!!!!!

by Doug
(Hudson , Florida)

Home remedy lice removal
My 13 year old son who has long hair recently had a lice infestation I found that by using a homemade concoction engineered by me...LOL....was the best method.

I simply used three easy to find products available at any grocery store, and a spray bottle. using a 16 ounce spray bottle i mixed 2 tablespoons of 100% pure tea tree oil, 6 ounces of tea tree oil enhanced conditioner, and 10 ounces of vinegar.

(Be sure to leave enough room in the spray bottle to shake vigorously until the conditioner has completely dissolved.)

Liberally spray mixture onto the infested individuals hair being sure to work the mixture from the roots to the ends very well ensuring complete coverage.

Cover the head with a plastic bag or head wrap and leave on for up to one hour.Comb thoroughly with a metal lice comb (the plastic combs are no good be sure to get a tight metal one)repeat the process as needed . The vinegar seems to break down the glue used by the louse to adhere the nits to the hair, making them easy to remove.

I did this procedure twice with 100% success.
My wife was ecstatic because she has done this before with the store bought remedies and mine seemed to work much easier!!!! you can also mix another spray bottle with the same directions, but leave out the conditioner,for spraying the bedding areas. The tea tree oil is a natural deterrent to the louse and will keep them from returning.

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Apr 02, 2017
Tea tree isn't helping me
by: Anonymous

My sons been getting lice for a year passing it back and forth from his girlfriend he uses the tea tree shampoos and I added drops of lavender and pepper it oils they don't deter them from his head. I'm so tired and am losing patience he isn't loaded with them but that's because he combs a lot out. Everyone says tea tree oil helps but honestly it doesn't for him

Feb 26, 2015
To Anonymous
by: James

Editor's comment
Just add a drop of tea tree oil to each ounce of shampoo or conditioner to make a good tea tree hair solution.

Mar 22, 2013
Lice help
by: Anonymous

Can you use white vinegar if that I all that you have.and what is a name of tea tree oil enhanced conditioner.

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