Flea Bites On My Legs

by Kathy A.
(near Glen Allen, Virginia)

I don't have a question, but I do have a testimony. I had flea bites on my legs from my indoor cat. The itch was so intense.

I applied tea tree oil to each bite, and the itching stopped immediately and didn't return until late that night about bedtime, so I reapplied. It healed them very well and very quickly.

Also, my daughter's mother-in-law has had some type of rash for months and had been to doctors who were clueless about the rash. She finally found a doctor who sent off a biopsy, and it came back staph infection (not MRSA though).

Anyway, I told her about tea tree oil. She bought 3 bottles of it (because she was covered all over her body with what looked like some kind of bug bites with purplish discoloration around each one).

Within 4-5 days, that rash had begun to clear and even the scars she had were disappearing. To my knowledge, her rash is gone with even the scars healed! She is one happy woman after suffering for months with this. I was happy to tell her about the tea tree oil. Amazing stuff!!

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Jul 21, 2014
Tea tree oil will poison your pet!
by: Terra

Please do not use tea tree oil on your pets. I have a 70 pound Weimariner. I diluted tea tree oil and olive oil. I applied with a cotton ball to an allergic rash because I too was getting sick of all the vet bills. I listened to the advice of a regular person on YouTube. After I applied the second dose I got a bad feeling. I started researching and found it was toxic. I immediately gave her a bath but the dose from 8 hours earlier had already started to take their effect. She limped going up to bed. Then when I took her out at 2 am she was wobbly in the back legs. I knew she was poisoned and called the vet. She has been there all day now on IVs trying to flush her system. We have no idea what the repercussions will be for my foolish actions. I am not a vet or a pharmacists trying to trick people out of their money. I just want everyone aware that they should not use this stuff on thir pet unless it is found in a product designed for pets. Those shampoos etc. have only about 1% tea tree oil.

Aug 06, 2013
Poison Ivy
by: Pam K.

Every year I get at least one case of poison ivy. I am highly allergic and until I started using tea tree oil to get rid of it I would have to live with the itching until up to a month. With t
tea tree oil, it takes about 3-4 days at the most.

Any time I need a good cleanser or antiseptic, tea tree oil is my first line of defense.

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