Eczema Scars

by Wendy

I have (or I should say HAD) twin scars on the top of both wrists... very visible when I don't wear layers of bracelets, and my watch, to hide them.

I have eczema since childhood and it itches like crazy. I scratch during the day, more during the night as I sleep, thus two twin scars on top of my wrists (where I can easily pick when at work...)
How BAD is that?

One is now totally gone due to Tea Tree Oil. It did take maybe 2-3 months of applying it, little by little, here and there. Even when I really look closely, it's totally invisible!

The other is almost gone. It really surprises me to see that a real scar can vanish. They were red, hard skin, and raised a bit, and just a bit smaller than dime size -- so quite visible.

Within weeks, the second scar will be long gone.. what a huge relief! Wish I had taken before and after photos -- quite incredible!

Try it for your scar! IT really truly does work!


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