Tea Tree Oil Remedy for Flea Bites

by Sandra

My daughter has been to the Dr. twice for flea bites, and come home with antibiotics, antihistamines, cortisone ointment - and had very little improvement. She has been told to see a skin specialist - the flea bites are that bad.

After an internet search tonight, she had a bath which had 1 cup of dish-washing liquid, 1 cup of lemon juice and 2 caps of eucalyptus oil (to kill any eggs etc. that might have been on her or in her hair).

After the bath, we applied tea tree oil to the bites (probably fifty or so of them - which have been dark, inflamed, incredibly itchy and nasty looking for weeks now).

Within an hour, the redness has disappeared and the bites no longer look angry. She doesn't even feel itchy (the first time in over a month). She can't believe it - and neither can I! We will keep up the tree tree oil and see how they are in a day or so. At the moment - all I can say is 'wow'! (and I am NOT easily impressed either!!).

Will now address flea problem (as yet, unsighted - but evidence speaks for itself! We will set a 'flea trap' tomorrow and see what we find!).

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Tree Tree
by: Anonymous

I have had poison ivy for yrs. the only thing that worked for me was tea tree oil. I suffered for many seasons yr. after yr. It instantly helped. It truly is a miracle.

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