How Do You Use Tea Tree Oil ?

How Do You Use Tea Tree Oil?

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Among the questions we get visitors asking are:
  • "How do you use tea tree oil for head lice?"
  • "Does tea tree oil get rid of warts?"
  • "What about taking care of pets and tea tree oil toxicity?"
  • "Can you suggest some household cleaners with tea tree oil?"
  • "Where you can get the best tea tree oil and tea tree oil products?"
  • ( I offer what I believe to be the best tea tree oil on the internet )

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Tea Tree Oil for Cats and Dogs 
My new kitten has ringworn. I want to protect my dog. What strength of tea tree oil should I use to make a shampoo for my dog? Also, for cleaning around …

Tea Tree Oil for Blepharitis 
I scour the internet for treatments of blepharitis ( an eye condition) that is very very very annoying. I am interested in the information I'm finding …

can I use tea tree oil on dry skin on the face area ? 
I have very dry skin around the eyes an i would like to know if this will work help heal is up ... I've try all most everything to get ready of the red …

Dogs and ferrets with Tree Tea Oil 
I have a 3 lb dogie that has severe reactions to fleas. She has always had skin problems and has had to take prednisone on a couple of occasions. She …

severe allergic reaction to tea tree oil 
I had a fungus rash on the palm of my hands. A friend told me about tea tree oil and its healing properties. I decided to test the oil on a healthy …

Tea tree oil tonic 
I would like to make a tea tree oil tonic to use on my face. Can you suggest what to mix the TT oil with . I had thought about witch hazel. I have somewhat …

Can tea tree oil be used on keloids?? 
I got the middle of my ear pierced last year & it formed a keloid.I really like the piercing, but I'm at my breaking point and am ready to take the piercing …

Is Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash Safe? 
I've read that tea tree oil can be toxic if taken internally? So how is tea tree oil mouthwash safe? What if I swallowed a tiny bit of it? Editors …

How can tea tree oil be used to treat paradontic disease? Not rated yet
It is used in many toothpastes. What about other ways. I have used Quantum Herbal Products gum cream. They no longer exist. Anything similar? Editors …

tea tree oil and dry/bleached hair Not rated yet
Hi, I have found that 2 out of my 6 horses have developed ringworm in the last week! Eeeeeek! They are under treatment from the vet at the moment but …

Tea Tree oil for oral lichen planus Not rated yet
Question Can Tea Tree oil be purchased for oral use? I understand it can be used for lichen planus of the tongue. Tell me you are aware of this and …

Week Two Of Ringworm In Our House Not rated yet
We are on week two of ringworm in our house. Two kids (currently being treated with 2% prescription meds) and two cats on a lotion that hasn't worked. …

Is Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
Harmful to Pregnant Animals?
 Not rated yet
My daughters got a hold of tea tree oil at my sisters house. After they mixed it with their shampoo and poured the tea tree oil shampoo on my pregnant …

tea tree oil and sinus infections Not rated yet
My Chiropractor said to add two drops of tea tree oil to my sinus saline and use once every other day. Will this kill my infection and how often should …

Jeff Byess Not rated yet
Jim, How long does Tea tree oil stay effective if stored properly ? Thanks, Jeff Byess S.C. What is the Shelf Life of Tea Tree …

Tea Tree Oil,
and Nails
 Not rated yet
I am currently taking chemotherapy, I was told that Tea Tree Oil would help with the nails. I would like to know how to apply the oil and how often. thank …

Can Tea Tree Oil Be Used to Get Rid Of Flies?  Not rated yet
I need to get rid of flies around our porch, and someone told me about tea tree oil helping. Editors Reply: Good Question. I have had several …

Are tea tree products safe for colour-treated hair? Not rated yet
My 5 year old son came home from school with head lice. We immediately treated it and seem to have gotten rid of all the lice and eggs, so now we are …

Can tea tree be diluted (and with what) for arthritis pain? Not rated yet
I would like to know if I can use Tea Tree oil for arthritis pain. I understand it should be diluted, but, with what? Editors Reply: Susan. …

Will Tea Tree Oil Keep Fleas Away? Not rated yet
Can you use teatree oil on pets to keep fleas off of them? will it be safe for my pets? Editors Note: Tea Tree Oil is not recommended for keeping …

cellulitis and tea tree oil Not rated yet
not really a story "hehe" just saying that on cellulitis in my experience it doesn't hurt to put it on neat, but to be careful if you have open blisters …

In humidifier? Not rated yet
I have a friend who recommended putting tea tree oil in a humidifier. It was supposed to help with nasal congestion. I've never heard of this before …

help my hair fungus please Not rated yet
I've been diagnosed with fungus and I'm just about ready to pull my hair out.My scalp is dry with sores and I have tried everything except teatree oil …

Mites Are Biting Me Not rated yet
I thought I had lice, and I might have had it, but also I have mites. I was treated for lice with a prescription drug, but didn't know about the mites …

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Tea Tree Oil as A Night Cream  Not rated yet
I am looking for a night cream, tried all the leading names and all were too heavy for my skin. so I was wondering is it possible to use tea tree oil as …

Gum Disease Not rated yet
I have receding gums, pretty severe, and cannot afford a periodontist. Will tea tree oil help if applied to the gums? Editors Note: Penny, thanks …

Can tea tree oil be used as a mouthwash Not rated yet
Hello I want to know if tea tree oil can be used as mouthwash and if yes then how can we use it? Regards Saurabh (email address removed to protect …

Pure Tea Tree Oil Not rated yet
I read your article about using 5% tea tree oil solution for dandruff. I would like to know what would happen if I put pure tea tree oil on my scalp instead …

Cats marking territory in the house. Not rated yet
Can tea tree oil be used to get OLD cat urine smells out of carpet and carpet pad? If so, how do I mix it and use it? Any suggestions will be appreciated! …

Getting rid of dry hair Not rated yet
This is one of my favorite sites to visit regularly and I send people here from my web pages and stuff as I love the endless possibilities for using tea …

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