Sarcoids on Donkeys
and Tea Tree Oil

by Va. Klingener
(Zenith, W.V.)

49'er Miner in Yreka, Ca.

49'er Miner in Yreka, Ca.

Sarcoids on Donkeys

The vet wanted to remove the sarcoid with surgery. Articles I've read on the topic of Sarcoids said because it's caused by a virus, it could spread if removed.

My friend suggested dabbing the sarcoid with Tea Tree Oil as she had a friend who used it on her horse & it disappeared.

I've been using tea tree oil every other day on my Mammoth donkey & it (the sarcoid)is shrinking, plus there is no more weeping and it's got a good healthy scab on it now!

It has only been not even a week yet of using the tea tree oil, but already I'm seeing a big difference.

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and Tea Tree Oil

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Aug 07, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Jun 07, 2010
by: Debbie

I used Tea Tree Oil on my horse many years ago for a sarcoid she had on her neck for many years. I used everything under the sun on it, and nothing worked.

Another horse boarder offered me her Tea Tree Oil to use, and low and behold the sarcoid went away after about a month and the hair even grew back... I was so amazed!

I now have a mini donkey with a sarcoid on her chest and will be using Tea Tree Oil on it.. Will let you know if I have the same sucess with it.

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