Persistent Yeast Diaper Rash, Cured From Tea Tree Oil

by by: Lorinda Jackson
(Alberta, Canada)

Joshua Beane (son of teatreewonders publisher)

Joshua Beane (son of teatreewonders publisher)

When my daughter was 8 months old, she developed a yeast diaper rash. I was given a prescription for hydrocortisone cream and an industrious barrier cream.

I used it faithfully every diaper change, after a bath, ALL the time. That rash was so persistent. The cream would hold the infection at bay but not completely cure it. I was doing the best I could with the use of the prescription, not contaminating the tube and applying faithfully. She cried so much and it was hard for me as a mother to watch her suffer. I used it for 6 MONTHS without a halt!!! It was also very expensive!!

THANKFULLY, in my most doubtful attempt, my mom-in-law told me to try the tea tree oil on the rash. I was a little scared as to how it would sting with open sores. We tried it anyway, knowing the healing effects of the plant. She didn't cry AT ALL when we applied the pure 100% essential oil right on the open sores. We used it sparingly at first and saw that she didn't mind the application so we covered the whole area. No kidding, that rash was completely gone in 2 days. It was a miracle! After just ONE application, it even looked better than the effects of the cortisone cream after 6 months!

I now use it on my son's diaper area, and his bum looks so amazing! I just use it occasionally on him after bowel movements, it smells so nice and it's disinfecting as well. I change other babies diapers and are amazed that all of the babies have red spots all over them and the parents aren't telling me they are concerned for their rash. My kids have had no rashes (more than a diaper change length of time) since using the tea tree oil. I want to use the tea tree on these babies but their parents are skeptical that it will irritate the skin, so I just leave them spotty.

Hydrocortisone has very dangerous side effects, including inducing asthma (which my daughter does have now, though not sure it it's the reason). If Tea Tree oil is gentle enough for a babies bottom with no skin irritation, I am sold for life.

I use it for everything I can think of and have other amazing stories as well.

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Jul 06, 2015
Persistent Diaper Rash
by: Anonymous

Cortisone make a yeast rash worse.

A&D Ointment is good.

Sep 18, 2014
Adulterated Oils may cause irritation, careful what you use.
by: James

Some of the best known names in the essential oil MLM business have recently been accused of selling low quality and adulterated oils as pure. Dr Pappas is well known and respected in the essential oil industry, and did the analysis of some of the oils in question. DoTerra and Young Living are both mentioned in the article.

That being said, many oils in their pure form are less irritating than some of the chemicals that are added, or the often inferior or even rancid oils that are mixed in to stretch dollars and make expensive oils more profitable for the seller.

Use your best judgement, and the instructions from your health care professional. If you're concerned about what goes on the skin of your child being too strong, or too irritating, either don't use it, or dilute it. Again, listen to your health care professional if you have cause for concern.

I'm thankful for everyone that has shared their stories here, they've been so helpful and as new stories appear, the opinions and suggestions voiced will also help others to make informed decisions.

Have a great rest of your day.

Nov 04, 2013
too much
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry, but neat tea tree is WAAY to much. Could you please edit this article and warn people? I do apply lavender neat, its the only thing I would ever apply neat on a baby. It works too! I'm dealing with a particularly stubborn one now, so I'm considering frankincense or maybe a 2-3 percent dilution of tea tree.

Mar 14, 2012
Wouldn't put tea tree oil directly on skin...
by: Cat

I love TT oil, but it wouldn't occur to me to put it on baby skin. I do give my baby an essential oil bath of tea tree, lavender, and eucalytus oil (about 15 drops of each and ~1 cup Real Salt in a foot of filtered water - I bathe with him in our large bathtub). We do this every 3 days minimum. He has great skin - hardly any issues.

To keep the diaper rash at bay I always apply coconut oil to the nether regions at each diaper change. He has a very small mild rash around his anus that doesn't seem bother him, so I haven't explored any more vigorous healing.

Best wishes for your healthy babies!
~ C

Mar 10, 2012
Agree with Lisa.
by: Lorinda

The last post was excellent. Thanks Lisa.

Mar 10, 2012
by: Lisa

I do have to comment on the Melaleuca products with tea tree.... they are AWESOME!!!
When I commented previously on tea tree, I was speaking about getting a bottle of tea tree oil and diluting it with a base oil on your own without proper instruction not Purchasing a product from Melaleuca with proper measure/doses of Tea Tree in it along with proper directions on usage
Just wanted to clear that up....
I'm not a licensed physician, This is just my opinion along with the last post.

Thanks! :0)

Mar 10, 2012
Applying Essential Oils On Babies
by: Lisa

As a certified Aromatherapist, I am truly surprised that any of you did not find on the internet as you researched these oils that you SHOULD NOT BE APPLYING TEA TREE OIL NOR ANY ESSENTIAL OIL at that on a baby whether it is diluted or not. Their skin is so thin and their livers so undeveloped that they can be poisoned if used too often.
People think that because it is natural, it can be used freely. These oils are can be potent and should be treated with respect.
I am not putting anyone down, please do not take this wrong, But on all of my products that I make, which are blended oils, I always place do not use on children under 3 years of age , of course unless your primary physician has approved it.
If your primary physician has approved it and has prescribed a dosage for you to use on the child, then that is different, but PLEASE LADIES, always ask your babies Dr before using any natural oils or herbs with your children, and if YOU are taking prescription medication yourself, always check with your dr for interactions first to be safe.
I hope this helps some of you can clear up some of your questions. my email is if you have any other questions feel free to email me.


Jan 19, 2012
Just read my original post :)
by: Lorinda

I just read my original post :). Sometimes I say things assuming people already know the back ground, or are reading other sources. I assumed people to know you should dilute the oil, I was way too eager to say full strength because I was just amazed that full strength didn't bother her. Yes! Always diluted. Eeek! Wish I made that more clear. LJ

Jan 19, 2012
A potato instead??
by: Lorinda Jackson

Oh my goodness... That sounds awful. I agree.... I do not think it should be used full strength either. I was just amazed that it didn't affect my daughter in any way, and what we were dealing with for months with steroids went away in only a week or so. I will have to read my original post again, but I do not recall saying it was recommended to use full strength. Lots of people have replied to my original post over the years and I enjoy coming back and checking in. Some good, some bad. Maybe a potato will work better? I am so so so so sorry I mislead you. My apologies. I use tea tree oil often still, But it's not right for everyone. Take care! It was worth a try for me. Yeast rashes can be terrible for open sores as well, and will be terrible for an essential oil. Now I just feel terrible. Wish we were moms sitting in a room together supporting each other :). Take care.

Jan 19, 2012
Don't DO IT !!!
by: Mindy


I am sure that it was not your intention to recommend something that can potentially be harmful, but I feel as though I should WARN those who are contemplating applying Tea Tree neat on their baby.

After having read your story, I decided to recommend to my daughter that she try this on my granddaughter's rash that will not go away. It is a horrible rash.

While she distracted the baby, I placed a small amount on a test spot to see how she would react. Nothing. No crying, nothing. We waited about 1-2 minutes and then put a little more on. Again, nothing after waiting, therefore, we decided that it was safe to apply all over (not inside) which we did. She seemed fine right at first, but within about 2 minutes, she was screaming bloody murder like we've never ever heard her cry. Her already very red rash turned BEET red and she was hysterical. Her face also turned red and little bumps formed on her face. We all panicked not knowing what in the world to do for the poor, precious thing. We ran and washed her off really well and blotted her dry. Still, no relief. We then put some Neosporin. Nothing. No relief.
After about 20 straight minutes of hysterical crying, she began to calm down and seems fine now. Her rash is still red but not as beet red as it was and the hives on face are gone.

I will never EVER do that again.

I had previously read that you should never apply essential oils neat (undiluted) on any baby's skin, but I chose not to listen to that after I'd read this article.

I am sooo not blaming you as I totally believe you that it worked without side effects for you and am glad for you, however, people out there need to know the dangers of what COULD happen.

I am still a big advocate of essential oils, but will approach them with more respect from now on. They have helped heal me of sinus infections and some other things, but, again, I will be much more careful and err on the side of caution from now on, especially when it comes to a baby.

Thanks for letting me post.


Apr 16, 2011
Re: two posts ago
by: Lorinda Jackson

I used full strength tea tree oil every diaper change and I also used a barrier at first overtime. It was a very thick clear cream that was literally still present when I got the next diaper change. I am sorry that I forget the name of it. My doctor suggested it and it's over the counter.

One product I started using was by new co. and it's an ointment with tee tree oil as it's main ingredient. It comes in a small tube like most diaper creams come in and I found that to be very helpful as an easy thing I can take around with me.

The eczema stuff in my family is a constant battle. Seems like sunshine really helps, lotions etc etc. I didn't find that tee tree oil helps the eczema on my kids.

I highly recommend the tee tree oil if it's a yeast rash, no matter what point you are at with the rash. It was brilliant and I can't believe I lived without it.

Apr 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I only ended up using tea tree oil on boils/ bug bites or scratches and my son seems to be OK if I catch it early.I also use plain sorbelene cream form the pharmacy and it works well on his bottom between diaper changes.

My son did get a yeast infection on his bottom and I ended up using a pharmacy diaper cream from a script which my doctor wrote. I think with yeast it is best to catch it early and treat it properly as it seems to build strength and immunity after awhile.

I continue to use tea tree as an anti-inflammatory for skin infections and cuts and for mild eczema. I have had t use very mild cortisone a few times to nip it in the bud but tea tree works wonders for reducing the redness and itch for my hands.

Apr 15, 2011
Did you use a barrier cream with the tea tree oil?
by: Anonymous

I am battling a yeast diaper rash in my daughter and am using tea tree oil. I was wondering if you used some type of diaper cream before putting on the diaper or if you only used the tea tree oil.
I'd really appreciate it if you could advise me on how frequently you used the tea tree oil, how long you used it for, and if you used a diaper cream after applying the tea tree oil.
Also, do you continue to give your son with eczema probiotics daily or only when he has eczema type symptoms.

Aug 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

My baby's eczema cleared up and I find it also works on his heat rash on the back of his neck. (We live in a very humid/tropical climate).

My baby has had 3 boils in the past 4 months and they all went away after I used Bactroban(antibiotic) cream on them straight away. However one of them I tried bactroban and I tried tea tree in the beginning but it got angry. I took him to the doc and I got a lecture about how it could have gotten worse and lead to septicemia:( It was bad but not really bad.

The doc put him on very strong antibiotics which are used for MRSA and he seems fine now. I put him on a course of probiotics to get him back on track:) I am wondering if he is prone to boils due to the climate we live in and the fact that he bottom shuffles(dragging him poor legs all over the place and ending up with cuts/scratches).

I am now treating all scratches straight away with Tea Tree Oil and haven't had anymore infections show up. It seems to work very well and fingers crossed he doesn't get anymore boils-poor bugger:(

Aug 22, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jul 21, 2010
by: Jen

Not chicken pox or measles luckily. They seemed to appear after he was laying bare chested on my mother-in-law's new couch.

I am wondering if it was treated with dye or scotch guard or something that irritated his skin.

He also gets a rash on his legs from wiggling his legs on the grass on our front lawn!

I have had eczema, hay fever and asthma all my life and I am worried he will follow suit? I also have a mild cow's milk intolerance. Skim milk, yoghurt and cheddar etc are fine but whole milk and some softer cheeses give me severe stomach aches. I was hoping to keep him healthy with b/feeding, yoghurt, organic foods etc. I have thought about giving him probiotics but haven't actually done it yet.

I am a Canadian living in Australia so what you have available I may not. I saw an acidophilus combo capsule for babies over 3 months of age. I might go buy a bottle and see how he is?

He has had little red lines on the creases of his ankles since he was 5m/o and now scratches them regularly:( He will scratch his ankles until he bleeds if I let him. I put sorbelene or hempseed oil cream (from The Body Shop) to stop it form drying out and he always wears socks unless he is doing tummy time and can't reach his feet! If he scratches them, and it looks inflamed or weepy, I use tea tree Oil and it seems to take away redness and dry it out....then I start over again with the creams-lol.

Sometimes I wonder if he likes the sensation of scratching? When I hold him he scratches the back of my arm over and over with his busy little fingers!

Jul 21, 2010
Glad you went to the doctor again
by: Lorinda

Shoot, that sounds tough. I totally understand not wanting to remove the diaper. I remember my third scratching his lower back (the part covered with a diaper) so bad that it was bleeding through little finger nail scrapes. I can imagine an infection forming with that broken skin. Nothing came of it.

One thing I just thought of now is probiotics, higher concentration compared to what you would get in yogurt. I was told by my naturopath that often skin issues can be caused by an underlying gut imbalance. Especially if they have ever had a run of antibiotics in their life (which most kids get).

I started giving my scratcher son (we have four kids) probiotics and it helped with the eczema issues he was having. Hasn't itched or been dry since.

It didn't really help my fourth child's rash on his cheek. We tried everything on that rash and finally when the snow disappeared, his cheeks were exposed to the sun and that's what changed everything.

Perhaps you could take his diaper off and let him play in a small pool to distract him from scratching, then let him crawl/walk around in the sun. Only if you want him to have some time with it off. I realize its easier said than done.

Thank goodness those spots in his tummy are under control. Its good, that means what you were doing was working.

This may be a silly question, but are they chicken pox or measles? I suppose chicken pox are smaller and not as boilish and the doctor would know better.


Jul 20, 2010
Spots getting worse
by: Jen

So I went back to the doc and the spots on my sons tummy have almost disappeared. However he has 3 spots above his on his groin which have whiteheads and one on his bum which now looks like a boil.

The doc gave me bactroban (antibacterial cream) as well as a script which I haven't filled yet.

I put Tea Tree oil on the spots up top because the redness looks like it is going away. The boil thing on his bottom feels like a lump and I think it will eventually get bigger and get a head on it.

poor bugger.

Not sure 100% what it is and I wish I could figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

I put Bactroban cream on his bum-boil and am hoping it starts to get better so I don't have to give oral anitbiotics:( It is tricky because if I give him diaper free time he scratches and puts his hands down there which may have caused it in the first place(possibly dirty fingernails and scratching?)

Jul 19, 2010
Could be yeast
by: Lorinda Jackson

I just read your comment about your child's rash. I suppose it is hard to tell by describing things over the computer but I think any rash that is spreading is something that is growing (so to speak). it is not just irritation, but something like a yeast rash that is 'growing'. And, therefore, Tea Tree oil should take care of it since it is an anti-fungal/bacterial agent.

My daughter's yeast rash did have white spots as well. Boys do get yeast rashes and I believe you can get it anywhere on your skin but most likely it occurs in those damp places.

What did the doctor say it was? It seems obvious to me that it is something. Something growing in a dark place! I felt stuck using steroids because it was sort of working. It would be nice to know what it is exactly.

I also wanted to note that I did have an issue with a staph infection on my second son which started on his arm as little red, slightly pussy spots and spread to his diaper area quickly because it is a damp dark place, and became open looking boils/sores. Tea Tree oil helped for the diaper area but I do recall it stung slightly possibly because the skin was more open than a yeast rash. I had to put a silver band-aid on his arm because he kept scratching that itchy spot and I was afraid it would spread elsewhere.

Hoping to support you or anyone else with diaper rashes!! Let me know what you do or come up with.

Jul 19, 2010
Possible Yeast Infection on baby??
by: Jen

My 10month old son developed a couple of random red spots on his belly which turned into a groin spot and a bum spot and a few on his back.

I took him to the doc and was told it didn't look viral or bacterial and to use cortisone cream. I was also told it wasn't an allergic reaction to anything as it was localized and slow to spread.

Anyway after 3 days of cortisone he now has more spots on his privates and they are larger and have tiny pimples on them. I have been Googling for hours trying to see what else it could be and am starting to wonder if it is yeast?

He has a slight red ring around his bottom and the spots on his penis look a bit angry because they are covered up a lot. I used Tea Tree on eczema on his ankles and it seemed to help stop him from scratching and relieve the itch. I think I will try some on his groin spots to see if it helps.

Surely a dose or two of Tea Tree Oil is better than cortisone??

Wish me luck!!

PS- Can babies get yeast infections anywhere on their skin?

Jan 04, 2010
Lavender Tea Tree Oil
by: dj's mom

My 4 mo old son has had a rash for weeks now. Every time I think its gone, it rares its angry inflamed head again! Its right around his anus and seems to be spreading. This time its all bubbly and last night I got fed up and reached for the my essential oils... decided its gotta be worth a try. The only one I have is a 60/40 blend or lavender/tea tree.

At his bedtime diaper change I doused my finger with the oil and applied it "neat", waited about 30 secs and slathered Vaseline on the area, then slept him in a very loose diaper... hoping for the best.

Well, this a.m. I can already see results. His skin has almost normal coloring again & the bubbles have flattened considerably too. I can't believe how soft and pretty his skin looks and feels already.

I'm very hopeful. Instead of his wipes, or even a damp washcloth, I dipped a couple cotton swabs in a strong apple cider vinegar/water solution, blow-dried the area and let him air out for a long while before diapering him the same way I did last night and now he's down for a nap.

Dec 29, 2009
Is it a yeast rash?
by: Anonymous

Wow, it has been two years since I posted my original comment! I did not dilute the tea tree oil.... though I know it is quite strong and assume it would irritate baby's delicate skin.
For some reason, it did not affect my daughter's skin that way.

I don't really know but I think even small amounts of tea tree oil are effective and olive oil is a good choice for babies.

Are you sure the rash is a yeast rash? It could also be something else like staph infection which is much harder to get rid of.

When my son had a staph infection on his arm, it spread to his diaper area which was nearly impossible attack so I used silver band-aids, this way he could not scratch it and spread it around. It started healing right away (finally) and took about 2 weeks to be completely healed over.

I know you should not cover a staph infection because dark, moist areas are prone for growing it, but the silver band-aid seemed to be the answer for me.

I recall the tea tree oil irritating the staph 'scabs', this is why I was asking. Perhaps if I had used it diluted on a staph infection, it would have helped. Though I needed something to cover it so he couldn't scratch it. A gauze wrap that breathes?

Dec 28, 2009
how do you dilute it?
by: Madina

Please let me know how you dilute the Tea Tree Oil,because if I apply it pure my daughter's skin becomes red.

I am miserable daughter had diaper yeast rash for 5 that I cured it from diaper area with Tea Tree Oil, with a concentration of 2:1(olive oil/TTO),the rash appeared on her chubby legs,but this concentration is very strong.

Nov 11, 2009
Tee Tree is Great, caution with overuse in boys
by: Tarina

I love tee tree and all its uses. I use cloth diapers on my 2 month old boy. I use all Melaleuca products to clean my home. I use a variety of personal hygiene products for my family too, most of which have a tea tree/melaleuca base. However I would suggest just a touch of caution to that mom who first posted 'now she uses tea tree on her sons bottom after diaper changes' because of the links between prepubertal gynecomastia and LARGE concentrated amounts of tea tree and lavender affecting hormone levels in boys. There are many links to read about it, here is one...

(TeaTreeWonders editors note: ( the study linking gynecomastia and tea tree oil was based on the experience of one boy, hardly a scientific result. The Australian Tea Tree Industry Association produced a detailed rebuttal You can download and read the entire rebuttal in PDF form here No other environmental or dietary factors were considered, including the possible link to pthalenes from the plastics the soaps came in. It is well worth reading!)

Use tea tree any way, and for everything. Just dont pour buckets of it on your lil boys for no reason! ( I have just finished changing my baby boys bottom and putting melagel on it for his rash)

Oct 02, 2008
I agree with your thinking
by: Lorinda Jackson

I am so happy the tea tree oil worked for you! I understand the frustration you had. There were so many days that I knew you couldn't use a cortisone cream for anything useful but I felt I had no choice. I aired our her bum as much as I could but it wasn't practical to do that all the time. As soon as I put another diaper on the rash would be awful all over again. Let me know how it works out for you in the long run. I am confident that you will be posting positive results. Tea Tree oil is a powerful healer!!! I wish that general doctors knew all of the remedies out there rather than steroids of different concentrations. If I were a doctor I would wonder why they arent' teaching me how to use plants as healers and I would study the drugs so I could learn to stay away from them.

Take Care

Oct 02, 2008
When nothing else succeeded...
by: Elise Kieffer

When my son was about five months old he developed a yeast diaper rash. Within a few weeks he also developed a yeast skin rash in the folds of his neck. I treated faithfully with gentian violet, clotrimazole (Lotrimin), dietary modifications, apple cider vinegar washes, probiotics, and even a nystatin powder prescription. For over two months I watched it get better, but not completely, and then flair up again.

In desperation I searched one more time online for help. (I'd been searching periodically for the whole two months). I found this page and immediately ordered Teat Tree Oil to begin treating my son. My Mother reminded me that I already had Melaleuca oil so I began to use that twice a day. Today is Day 3 (He has now had four treatments) and EVERY AREA of infection is vastly improved. At the current rate of improvement I expect him to be 100% cured in just a day or two.

Thank you for sharing your story. It was an answer to prayer. I am truly amazed at how well it is working. I promised myself that I wouldn't be angry at the fact that I had the remedy in my cabinet all along. So now I am just grateful.

Dec 04, 2007
i hope it works for me
by: Kara

I try to use herbal remedies myself, so i was excited to read your story. i am going to try tea tree oil tonight. my son has been miserable for a while now. thanks

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