eating or drinking
tea tree oil

by cindy g
(Taylor MI)

Is eating or drinking tea tree oil okay? Can you eat or drink Tea Tree Oil for indigestion purposes? If so how?

Editors Reply:
Cindy, 11% of the searches on this site are for this question, and I get asked this on a regular basis, so it's a good time to address the issue.

Basically there are just

3 Things You Need to Know

About Ingesting Tea Tree Oil

  1. Can you ingest tea tree oil?
  2. Can you drink tea tree oil?
  3. What are the risks and/or benefits of taking tea tree oil internally?

Can you ingest tea tree oil? 

Tea tree oil contains terpenes that are hard for your body to assimilate. They can be really tough on your liver and kidneys. There are certain essential oils that people use in food and drink that can be beneficial, but the amounts are extremely minimal.

For instance, if you have a stomach ache, or indigestion a cup of peppermint tea, or a single drop of peppermint essential oil mixed in a teaspoon of honey may give fast relief. There are some people recommending you ingest full strength tea tree oil, but there is a safer way to get the benefits without the risk.

Tea tree oil is present in lots of household products, including mouthwash, toothpaste, toothpicks, and other oral products. The amount in them is safe, and when you consume the products, you are getting much less than a drop at a time. 

Can you drink tea tree oil? 

Drinking tea tree oil suggests more than a drop at a time. There are stories of poisoning from tea tree oil because someone drank several spoonfuls or even a few ounces of tea tree oil. Plain and simple, don't drink tea tree oil. 

What are the risks or benefits of taking tea tree oil internally?

Tea tree oil has been shown in the lab to kill certain microbes and germs, but there have been almost no medical studies. Our bodies are constantly protecting us from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold. Some people are suggesting that taking tea tree oil internally can help. 

As I mentioned earlier, the danger of ingesting tea tree oil comes largely from the terpenes, but there is one company that has solved that issue, and is producing an extract of tea tree oil they've labelled FJ-1.

If someone would like to ingest, drink, or consume Tea Tree Oil, the only supplement on the market that I know of that is proven effective and safe to use internally is ImmuneActive.

Tea Tree Oil is difficult for the liver and kidneys to process, so much so that in some animals, like small dogs, cats, and birds, even very small amounts may cause tremors, stupor, or even death. 

For humans, fortunately the side effects of ingestion are rarely seen unless a tablespoon or more are ingested. Even so, the labels of most tea tree oil will clearly state "For external use only".

There's a video that comes to mind (on YouTube) of a fellow recommending the internal use of tea tree oil. It's entertaining at best, but otherwise just plain poor information. Take a look, it's an example of what NOT to do!

New Product! Drinking or Ingesting Tea Tree Oil is now safe with this new supplement!

There is a new tea tree oil derived supplement that can be safely ingested, designed to fight off germs.

According to their literature, ImmuneActive is a proprietary compound called FJ1, a standardized, supercritical natural botanical extract of Melalueca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) with multiple mechanisms of action.

"These include being anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and a natural producer of infection fighting white blood cells"

Tea Tree Oil for the flu and herpes? 

"Laboratory studies have proven the efficacy (of FJ1) against viral infections due to herpes virus (HPV, HSV, and influenza virus (including H1N1, H5N1 and subtypes." 

Compound FJ1 tea tree oil supplement may help in the treatment of Dengue fever! 

"A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has demonstrated that Compound FJ1 has in vitro and in vivo efficacy for both the prevention, as well as the treatment of Dengue Fever on Rhesus Macaque Monkeys" 

Tea Tree Wonders is carrying this product, just $35.00 for the adult version, and $25.00 for the children's version, plus shipping. 

You can discover how to safely use tea tree oil in everyday products and uses.

I hope this information is useful. If you are having indigestion regularly, go see a healthcare professional.

Nutritionally, mint tea, chamomile, lavender, and foods that contain active healthy bacteria cultures like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and pickles from companies like Bubbies, Kimchi, and foods you ferment yourself may all help with the proper intestinal balance to help digest your food and calm your stomach. Even the baking soda in your cabinet may offer some help.

Good luck .

Thankfully, the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association has provided a full color booklet concerning the safety and effectiveness of tea tree oil.

It's a beautiful booklet, with lots of pictures, ideas, and products that use tea tree oil to make them work better and safer than some other over the counter non-prescription formulas.

You can  find out more information on why eating or drinking tea tree oil is unsafe by visiting our page on the toxicity of tea tree oil