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Three Uses for Tea Tree Oil That Eliminate Everyday Pain
March 31, 2009

They should have tried one of these uses for tea tree oil!

He's Superglued to the Loo!

Would you like to become a super hero? Here are three uses for tea tree oil that you may not have ever heard of.

Besides the embarrassment, and the cost, there was a quick fix for the fellow in this news story, if only he'd had a bottle of Tea Tree Oil handy.

The story comes from the European site

A UK man was hospitalised still attached to a toilet after pranksters left super-glue on the seat.

The 35-year-old victim was left "somewhat embarrassed" after firefighters and council workers were forced to remove the entire steel lavatory in order to take him to a nearby hospital in the West Midlands area of England.

Doctors applied special chemicals to dissolve the strong adhesive.

An ambulance service spokesman said: "He appeared to be none the worse for his ordeal other than being understandably somewhat embarrassed."

The toilet was later taken back to the public convenience and re-installed.

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Stuck On You Too

Don't Get all Torn Up Breaking the Bond...from Super Glue

Painless Super Glue Remover.

If you've ever had a friend or relative superglue or crazy glue any body parts together you'll want to know this little trick.

News stories like the one above have related tales of someone playing a wicked prank by gluing someone to a public toilet, but it often happens more often when fixing Grandma's antique china or your broken glasses frame.

Like most folks, visions of emergency rooms and surgical operations involving blood and money come to mind. There's great news though, many times you can avoid hundreds of dollars a quick visit to the emergency room might cost by keeping tea tree handy.

The secret Super Glue remedy is now yours! Generously apply several drops of 100% pure Australian tea tree oil to the superglue bonded skin gently rubbing the area a few minutes. You'll feel amazing relief as the glue dissolves, coming off of your skin easily. Never try this if you've glued your eye shut. There are no known uses for tea tree oil and your eyes.

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Stuck On You Too

Removing "Band-Aids" Painlessly

Removing adhesive bandages, you know the ones everyone calls "band-aids"?

Yep, the simplest, easiest, most overlooked of pain relieving uses of tea tree is to take off a bandage without causing any pain or loss of body hair! Not only that, the cooling sensation can reduce pain as well.

Your children and grandchildren will call you blessed for generations to come, and guys, your wife will think of you as a genius when you use this trick to remove that stuck on bandage without your child screaming in pain. The days of persuading your child to let you take off that stuck on, grime laden repository of dried blood and pathogens has finally seen a new dawn!

Are you concerned about sensitivity or skin irritations? No need to be, not if you mix several drops of tea tree with a few drops of cooking oil or baby oil.

The results will astonish you, and the wound will receive the added protection of the oils antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, helping the wound to heal itself with less inflammation and lowering the risk of infection! You might prefer to use the oil "neat" or straight as well.

Use this miracle tea tree recipe and the "band-aid " will come off with a little help usually in less than a minute. Dads, you and mom are about to become heroes. You can buy the "Super Dad" ball cap and the "Super Mom" shirt afterward.

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Stuck On You Too

While on the Topic of
Screaming Like a Child.....

Razor Burn Relief

Every day millions of people all over the globe are exposed to dangerous steel blades that can cut and scar them for life.

Tea Tree Oil is here to protect you.

Tea tree can protect your face, arms, legs,or any other place you shave. Simply putting one or two drops of the oil on your razor after every use can keep it sharp longer, disinfect the blade, and create a lubricated blade for easier shaving with fewer cuts and nicks.

The oil not only lubricates and disinfects your razor, it'll help water to evaporate from the blade quickly and prevent corrosion. The combined effect of lubrication and the increased life of the blade will make your shaving experience smoother. Your razors will last longer and work better.

While shaving, for added protection, rub a few drops of tea tree into your hands and massage the oil into your skin before applying the shaving cream, the cooling sensation, increased lubrication, and your favorite shaving gel combine for an incredibly close and baby smooth shave.

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