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Canadian Bill C-51 to Criminalize Vitamin C ?
June 26, 2008
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Canadian nutritional products may become illegal

On April 8, 2008 the Canadian Minister of health introduced a bill, Bill #C-51. This bill by its very nature makes criminals out of ordinary citizens. The proposed changes are significant because of the tremendous and wide-ranging negative implications to the Canadian public, forever altering the current food and drugs act in Canada.

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Bill C51 will make 70% of natural health products impossible to obtain without a prescription, and people can be fined up to $5 million and up to two years in jail for taking a supplement as basic as vitamin C, or a multivitamin tablet that exceeds the dosages set by the Canadian food and drug act.

What are the Risks to Canadian Citizens?

Besides limited access to vitamins, minerals, health supplements, and nutritional products, the financial and personal liabilities are huge if this bill passes.

The inspectors, if this bill passes, will be able to enter private property without a warrant. They will be able to take your property at their discretion. They can dispose of your property in any manner they see fit. They are not required to reimburse you for your losses. They will be able to seize your bank accounts. They can charge to store your seize property, or for any shipping and storage charges accrued. Inspectors will be allowed and empower to store your property indefinitely.

Perhaps, one of the worst aspects of this bill, is that with all of your assets, income, savings, and possible incarceration, how in the world will you be able to defend yourself in court?

This Bill is obviously an attempt by world pharmaceutical organizations and powers, to limit access to valuable nutritional supplements and herbs that are sometimes more effective than the dangerous side effect ridden chemicals they test on patients every day. The bill also limits research and development of safe natural alternatives in favor of these high-risk drugs.

What can be done to protect Canadian rights?

Get educated, go to Tell others about Bill C51 by talking to your local press. If you're Canadian contact your local member of Parliament,. Ask leaders in your community to get involved, and of course Tell your friends.

There is a petition available to be signed,

The Codex Alimentarius Commission

The Codex Alimentarius Commission represents the pharmaceutical cartel, and they have made an effort to limit your access worldwide to Nutritional and Herbal Supplements. Here is a quote from Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D., a leader in the movement to stop this attack on your rights to control your own health choices.

Health is an inalienable human right

Firm protest in Bonn against Codex plans On Sunday 31 October the Dr. Rath Health Foundation welcomed an international audience to the large auditorium of Bad Godesburg municipal hall in Bonn. “Stop Codex“ was the urgent appeal, with the message: “We say ‘No' to the unscrupulous plans of the Codex Alimentarius Commission to prohibit free access to natural remedies and information about them.” Since Monday 1 November the Commission has been meeting again in Bonn, under German patronage, to drive forward goals which wholly disregard human needs and rights. Dr. Matthias Rath left no doubt about who is responsible for the Codex plans: none other than the pharmaceutical cartel, which for countless years has been promising health but spreading illness. The profits of the pharmaceutical investment industry depend on the continued survival and expansion of its markets in patented drugs, genetically modified foods and synthetic food additives ­ despite the fact that there is an alternative to ineffectual pharmaceutical medicine, embodied in scientifically based, effective natural remedies without side effects, such as Cellular Medicine.

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