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Tea Tree Wonder's Mr. Minty, Nebulizer, and Oil Package Specail
March 31, 2014

Hello, Hope you are doing well this week! With still a month of winter left, I wanted to offer our popular Mr. Minty's blend this week because I want to help you and your loved ones battle the end of the cold and flu season.

Mr. Minty's has been popular to use as a quick deodorizing spray in a room or car and bring freshness to the air, use in a nebulizing diffuser, or even in adding to your own handwash. It's tingly, minty, invigorating!

When I have had sinus infection or migraine headache, mixing a drop with a carrier oil and gently rubbing a very small amount on my temples or cheek being careful not to get near the eyes.

Do you have a nebulizing diffuser that you enjoy essential oil with? Here is an excellent choice to use with pure essential oils (like the ones we offer at Tea Tree Wonders.)

It's Benefits to you are:

Keeps a sense of calm to your home with silent operation.

Safely uses pure essential oils in your home for deodorizing and health without chemicals that grocery store bought air fresheners have.

Output control easily diffuses over a 300–600 square-foot area.

Oils are contained in diffuser, not exposed, so safe around pets and small children.

Enjoy the natural and healing fragrances that essential oils offer!

Enjoy a variety of oils and their fragrance depending on your mood or ailment! (I love lavender for calming, our "Happy" blend when I am down to bring an atmosphere of cheer.

Here's how It Works:

Along with featuring silent operation and an output control that easily diffuses over a 300–600 square- foot area. The diffuser ionizes undiluted essential oils into an ultra-fine vapor that remains suspended in the air for maximum availability and minimum waste. In addition,

*it features a convenient on/off switch, * is easy to clean, *and is designed with a glass injector so that oils do not come into contact with any metal parts. (From France.)

To have this diffuser and any of the excellent high quality oils mentioned here, please visit our online store here today.

Thank you!

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