Can You
Control or Eliminate Cellulitis
Using Tea Tree Oil?

I received the following email about cellulitis recently, and thought I would share it and my answer with everyone. 

The Question:

Can tea tree oil mixed with vitamin E capsules be an effective topical treatment for mild cellulitis? Thank you.

The Answer :

I don't know for sure. Since tea tree oil can act as an antibiotic, it might be worth a try. You might also consider making up your own bodywash using one or two teaspoons of tea tree oil in every thirty two ounces of your favorite bodywash.

Some hospitals are finding that a one or two percent tea tree oil bodywash that is available commercially is beneficial in getting rid of or controlling MRSA outbreaks in hospitals and nursing homes.

By simply washing one or two times a day, the MRSA is oftentimes going away or better yet, never occurring in patients.

Since cellulitus is often caused by bacteria entering through cracks in the skin, small cuts, and even abrasion from shaving, it seems to me that a bodywash with tea tree oil might be very effective. The only way to tell would be to give it a try.

You could also use tea tree oil either straight or mixed with the vitamin e oil.

People with sensitive skin, or stubborn skin conditions tend to prefer using a more refined tea tree oil. Look for one that is T39 or T40, most of the tea tree oil sold in health food stores is T30 or T35.

The "T" value refers to the terpinen concentration. Terpinens are thought to be the most active component of tea tree oil. Experts generally agree that any refining above T40 is generally of no additional benefit.