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Product Alert! Huge Sale on a Limited Supply of High Quality Tea Tree Oil
March 19, 2015

Huge Sale on a Limited Supply of High Quality Tea Tree Oil

James Beane here.

As the owner of Tea Tree Wonders, I've wanted to provide the best information and the highest quality tea tree oil anywhere.

Recently we obtained a small amount of extremely high quality T40 tea tree oil for a very reasonable cost, and we'd like to pass the opportunity on to our USA clients as well. You can take advantage of our luck and get a full one ounce bottle of T40 tea tree oil for just $11.38 including free priority delivery to your door.

( I'm sorry that we can't offer this globally at this time, especially at this price. :-( )

There are many different tea tree oils and qualities of tea tree oil available both online and in health food and specialty stores.

Why You Should Only Use The Best Quality Tea Tree Oil

Some of the key differences in tea tree oils are the source plant species, country of origin, and purity of the oil itself. In recent years there have been a huge number of adulterated tea tree oils passed off as 100% pure Australian tea tree oil. This concerns me quite a bit.

Adulterated oils, and cheap blends of multiple tea tree species may be responsible for some of the complaints of foul smelling tea tree oil, ineffective tea tree oil, and skin irritations.

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil comes in several grades, based on the levels of terpinens and cineole found in the oil. In most cases, the higher the terpinen levels, the lower the cineole content. Research has shown that as the terpinen levels rise, so does the effectiveness of the tea tree oil in most of its applications and uses.

This is true up to a point, because after the terpinen level rises above 40%, there appears to be no greater benefits. This rating appears as a letter and number combination, with the most commonly found grade of tea tree oil being somewhere between T30 and T36, and the highest quality oil being a T40.

You've Got to Hurry, Or Miss This Opportunity!

This is a limited time offer. I only have a few kilograms of this high grade tea tree oil available at this time, and at this price.

Melaleuca Company, the multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was built on tea tree oil, sells T40 tea tree oil for a whopping 199.00 an ounce! We've managed to obtain just a few kilograms of high quality T40 tea tree oil, for a very reasonable cost, and we want to pass the chance on to you, our favorite clients.

We're offering a full ounce of T40 tea tree oil for just $11.38, and we'll even pay to ship it to you. This offer will only last as long as we have any of this oil still in stock. Once we run out, we may never be able to offer this sort of special pricing ever again.

You need to take advantage of this offer right now to get these savings! We're limiting our clients to purchasing no more than three one ounce bottles at a time so that everyone has a chance to get in on this.

No Risk
100% Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee!

I want to help make the decision easier for you. I'll even offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are for any reason not satisfied with this high quality tea tree oil, simply return your purchase to me and tell me why you were unhappy, and I will refund your money. Every penny! No other questions asked. No teeny tiny print.

You can purchase this T40 tea tree oil on our website, or just visit to find out more about this offer at

I knew you wouldn't want to miss this chance to get the tea tree oil that other companies consider a "rare quality tea tree oil" for such a reasonable price. It won't last long, so you'll want to get yours before its all gone.

Have a great weekend!

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