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Splinters and Tea Tree Oil
January 23, 2020

My son got a splinter in his finger. It was deep and it was a small little thing. As much as i tried, it wasn't going to come out easily unless I picked the place wide open with a needle first. Ouch!

Together, my son and I, decided to let it be for a few days to let his body do its natural thing, and then after it had festered a little we would poke the blistered splinter, draining the pus and the splinter at the same time.

A day or two later, my son came to me ready to follow our plan. He brought me a nice clean needle, and some tea tree oil. I gently popped that pus filled blister, and sure enough, the tiny little splinter came right out.

The spot was really small, but after he washed his hands and dried them we put a drop of tea tree oil where the splinter had been. Tea tree oil can feel soothing and cooling on small cuts and wounds, and there's anecdotal evidence that it can kill germs and bacteria like MRSA and staph.

The next day, the place that the splinter had been was nearly all healed up, and no redness or sign of infection could be seen.

Tea tree oil is a great tool to keep in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

Tea Tree Oil can't heal broken bones, or miraculously cure cancer, or fix your heart issues, or help you lose weight. Tea Tree Oil can help soothe a bug bite, a small cut or scratch, remove tar or sap, and is used in burn ointments and creams.

Maybe it can't fix all your problems, but maybe it can make a small problem in your life just a little bit better. Why not try it. Put a little tea tree on it.

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Have a great day!

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