Violet Earth Natural Health & Self Help E-Store

by Lara Whybrow
(South Africa)

Violet Earth

Violet Earth

Violet Earth Natural Health & Self Help E-Store Online Health Shop that focuses on weird free health tips, natural & free electricity,get gorgeous skin with nature...

This site is a natural health website that focuses on the health of you and your family as well as the health of our environment.

The Violet Earth E-Store offers you a lot of ways that you can be self sustainable - i.e. not relying on money or the government to survive - you can grow your own food, generate your own electricity & water and use your immense human power to live a free, healthy life.

The site was built by Lara Whybrow - become her personal friend on Facebook :
Lara Whybrow says:

"I have built this website out of a strong desire to help people, and I believe that Nature provides us with everything we need to be healthy without spending money ,access to free resources like electricity & water, & the best in self help resources. Rather spend that money on gifts for you & your family!"

More about Natural Health & Free Health Remedies:
Visit for weird health remedies that are free and really work. They work so well that medical companies don't want you to know about them because you will be saving a fortune in doctors bills!

Find out about Oil Pulling - a weird health remedy that you have to try - and its free! It whitens skin, heals gum disease, clears acne, clears sinus problems, and more.

More about Free, Natural Electricity

Earth has an amazing source of electrical energy in the form of the Sun. Use solar power today and never pay a cent for electricity. You can even draw all your power from solar energy. You go off the grid completely. Use this when camping in remote areas.

Solar lights from R939, can also be hand cranked for 10 minutes to generate 6 hours of electricity. 10W Solar Generators R3000 which also includes shipping to your address.


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