tea tree oil and sinus infections

by Lisa
(America, Illinois)

My Chiropractor said to add two drops of tea tree oil to my sinus saline and use once every other day. Will this kill my infection and how often should I use to prevent another infection.

Editors Reply


I always recommend that folks listen to their health care professionals when it comes to prescribing anything.

If your Chiropractor said to add two drops of tea tree oil to your sinus saline and use once every other day, then I'd listen to what he said.

As to how long to keep it up? I think again that I would check back with another health care professional or check in with your Chiropractor until he gives you new instructions.

I would love to be able to dish out prescriptions and give out cures for all sorts of diseases and ailments, however the government has determined that only trained professionals can do that sort of thing, and rightly so!

Along with that, I can't tell you if tea tree oil will kill the virus, bacteria, or fungus that is causing your infection. First off, I don't know what type of infection you have.

Secondly even knowing what sort of infection it was, as a non-medical person, I would only be able to refer you to a study ( if one exists) that shows how that infectious agent reacted to tea tree oil in a laboratory setting, or "in vitro".

Thanks for the question!

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