Organic Green Gardening Solutions may be one of your next favorite websites if you are into green or sustainable living, permaculture, organic gardening, and living a less toxic lifestyle than the average American.

Mandy, the author of the site is a passionate writer, photographer, and apparently possesses that sought after "Green Thumb". Oh, and did I mention that she lives in a challenging gardening environment? Mandy lives in Las Vegas, NV. began four years ago, in July of 2007, but now can boast itself as one of the leading information resources on the internet for green and organic gardening and lifestyle solutions. is committed to becoming your organic gardening center. An online source for information, how-to?s, and more.

Besides being a great place to learn from a respected authority, the site has a backyard friendly atmosphere. Nowhere else is this "over the fence" hospitality and friendship displayed more accurately than in the fun and crowd pleasing mascot, Duke the goggle-donning dog. Please take a moment to say hello to their mascot, Duke.

A recent blog post on the site highlighted some fantastic nutritional supplements that you should probably have in your home medicine cabinet. These five alone could aid you in a huge array of daily issues and concerns. You've got to visit to get her lowdown on these foods and herbs, but I'll throw in a few comments, to perhaps peak your interest.

#5) Echinacea
Probably one of the best ?first lines of defense? this is a favorite among health food and nutritional supplements as a key immune builder and support. If you don't have this one, get some quick before the next cold bug runs through the office.

#4) Garlic
Besides keeping away mythical vampires, the immune boosting, cancer fighting, heart healthy food just tastes great on Garlic Toast, Pasta, Seafood, Chicken, and more. What would Pizza be without Garlic?

#3) Ginger
We carry this one on nearly all long car trips, 'cause one of the kids is sure to get car sick along the way. (How can that even happen on a perfectly straight smooth road like a two lane freeway anyhow?) This is one more cold and flu busting food that calms the stomach, chases away chills, and tickles the tongue and brain.

#2) Gingko Biloba
Gingko, it may not be a huge immune buster, but it's recognized the world over for it's brain boosting memory assisting powers the world over.

#1) Kava Kava
We are blessed to have access to plants that once were the domain of the Pacific Islanders alone. This is a must have if you have ever wanted to overcome occasional sleeplessness, wanted something to help you relax, or an herb that just might help relieve back strains and pains. My only recommendation? Get either a standardized supplement or the best herb you can find. Not all Kava is created equal, so if the first source you try does nothing for you, try at least one or two others.

Anyway, all this is to say, even if you find yourself disagreeing with some of Mandy's articles, or wholeheartedly endorsing her views, this is a website worth visiting every once in a while.

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