Forest Glen Organic Farm

by Trevor Roberts
(Bungawalbin NSW 2469, Australia)

Forest Glen Organic Tea Tree Oil

Forest Glen Organic Farm

We are producers of organic tea tree oil. I wanted to thank you for your promotion of Australia as the home of tea tree oil, particularly melaleuca alternafolia. Steering customers away from inferior oils from elsewhere is very important.

I just wanted to note that Australia is nearly as big as the USA and, in the same way that you do not refer to the whole of the USA when you are really just talking about the Napa Valley (for example), it is not quite accurate to refer to the whole of Australia when talking about the natural home of melaleuca alternafolia.

This wonderful species is native to a restricted region in northern New South Wales centred on Bungawalbin, which is regarded as the home of the tea tree. Our oil comes from trees directly propagated from native stock and has been demonstrated by analysis to be superior to hybrid species that have been bred for higher yields.

If your supplier is from this region, it may be a marketing advantage to mention that this is the region that produces the best oil with the proper proportions of active ingredients. Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work promoting this wonderful product.

Trevor Roberts
Forest Glen Organic Farm

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