Acne Creams and Lotions

Tea Tree Acne Creams And Lotions Moisturize And Soothe Skin...

Many People today suffer from facial pimples, boils and sores and have a hard time finding acne lotions and creams that will prevent and clear the face from infections.

The unique penetrating action of a tea tree oil acne gel helps to get rid of the dermal layers of the invading bacteria. Below I have shared a tea tree recipe you can try.

It kills off the bacteria and also soothes the infected area. It is important to keep the face clean with a good acne complex, so that the infected area is no longer fed by the damaging bacteria. (A good tea tree oil blemish stick is good to have around too!)

While we may not always know what causes acne, tea tree oil can be part of an effective acne solution.

Tea Tree Oil Cream, lotions, acne complex, and tea tree oil are all finding their places in the search for the best tools for acne prevention.

                               Tea Tree Oil Skin Care

Here is my personal little tea tree oil skin care and acne remedy for getting rid of pimples, acne and facial sores and boils with tea tree oil acne cream...

Tea Tree Oil Acne Cream Recipe

1) Get your favorite moisturizing cream, one that does not contain an acne fighting ingredient, and that does not irritate your skin.

2) Add tea tree oil. Make a 5% cream by adding 2.4 teaspoons (a little less than 2 and a half) to every 8 ounces of cream or lotion.

Here's the breakdown

  • 1.2 tsp for 4 oz
  • 2/3 tsp for 2 oz
  • 1/3 tsp for 1 oz

Even if this doesn't make your skin acne free, it works well as an acne cleanser and might provide a little more acne control. Apply pure Tea Tree Oil directly to the sore several times a day with a cue tip or cotton stick.

Use a 10% solution of tea tree oil and water to rinse on the face or area of infection. You can also add tea tree oil to your favorite facial creams by adding a teaspoon of tea tree oil to every 32 ounces of product. Most tea tree oil acne creams work well at a 5% or better solution

Here is a little story

to share with you.

A lady that had three large boils on her chin was at her wits end.

She soon contacted a company that uses the best Tea Tree Oils around and asked for their advice.

She had been on antibiotics for over three months and was still seeing no result, the facial boils were still thriving.

The Company suggested that she use a tea tree oil blemish stick along with an acne complex, so she went back to her doctor and who agreed to take her off the antibiotics.

Within two weeks, two of the boils had disappeared and the third was shrinking fast. Within one month she had just a faint little mark where the last boil had been.

Tea Tree Oil and acne products that contain tea tree oil have some incredible results!

Find out more about tea tree oil skin care products and acne, and research available on Tea Tree Oil against acne.